The 1st EPAL KORYDALLOS constitutes one of the largest vocational upper secondary schools of the Attica prefecture in relation to the number of trainee students and the number of teachers it employs, as well as in relation to the size of its training facilities and grounds and the highest level of the technical equipment it owns. Our school, the 1st EPAL KORYDALLOS includes a wide range of vocational sectors (Information Technology, Economic and Management Services, Mechanical, Electrical-Electronics and Automations, Medical, Graphic Arts) supported by the 6th EK PEIRAIA. The laboratory area includes 21 operating laboratories of various disciplines, organized under 6 sectors and 13 specializations in which more than 600 students are trained. 75 teachers are employed in the school, which is attended by 614 students coming from middle and lower socio-economic family level, disadvantaged areas or facing problems of social and economic exclusion. The school offers a 4th or a 5th level of EQF system certification after the students’ graduation.
The 1st EPAL of KORYDALLOS, either in the joint collaboration with fellow educational entities or independently, has demonstrated to have as objectives the facilitation to the induction of the students within the context of the society in general. Moreover, the school wants to raise awareness of the students in matters concerning the environmental education, health education, the use of contemporary technologies in learning, educational robotics, holograph and digital citizens.