We are an open-minded and modern general education secondary level school where the engagement and curiosity are the main impulsive forces within the exposed learning process integrated through the cooperation between teachers and students. Our school consists in 546 pupils and 46 staff members. We have made the first steps towards changing our teaching and learning approaches, where the whole world is the real classroom and learning is carried out more outside the room (also in virtual classrooms) than inside it. Discovering, integrating and presenting, along with learning by doing, are the core principles for long-term results and achievements, so teachers have started searching for new teaching methods where they encourage and monitor each student’s individual development by using elements of coaching method. There is a meaningful use of new technologies to encourage our students’ development as creative and responsible personalities. The vision of our school is the transformation of national educational field by piloting new learning approaches based on the recent studies in pedagogy along with the development of creativity and a meaningful use of technologies in context of traditional and moral values. Moreover, our school aims at involving other local schools in developing 21st century pedagogy and competences by creating a local network of Culture of Innovations for a regular interaction within local school community.