OpenCom” is a non-profit organization located in Arezzo (Tuscany), born in 2011 with the aim of promoting the development of social communication, innovative and flexible learning, interculturalism and awareness in the use of ICT. Its target is represented mainly by young people.
Since 2013, OpenCom has been active in the professional training of young people through practical and qualified projects. These projects allow Italian and European students to acquire key and cross-cutting competences that will help them enter the labour market.
Furthermore, OpenCom is active in the training and education of young people concerning awareness in the use of ICT, both at Italian and European level, also thanks to the financial support of European Programs such as Erasmus+.
OpenCom ICT (with the “OpenCom Junior” area) is the department that designs and creates innovative digital tools for training, education and inclusion, in order to promote recognition of competences between different European countries, smart integration and digital inclusion of disadvantaged people. The department collaborates with prestigious Italian and European institutions and participates as a partner in Erasmus+ projects.
The staff is expert in ICT, vocational education and training, project management, social communication, research and development, especially in the field of corporate social responsibility.