The Applicant
The Liceo Scientifico “F. Redi” was one of the first high schools in Italy to be established.
The guidelines and the institutional mission of Redi Liceo can be found in the idea of school… Read more

“OpenCom” is a non-profit organization located in Arezzo (Tuscany), born in 2011 with the aim of promoting the development of social communication, innovative and flexible learning, interculturalism and awareness in the use of ICT. Its target is represented…Read more

The 1st EPAL KORYDALLOS constitutes one of the largest vocational upper secondary schools of the Attica prefecture in relation to the number of trainee students and the number of teachers it employs, as well as in relation to the size of its training… Read more

We are a complex of primary and Gymnasium schools (Junior High School), situated in Poland, specifically the Southwest of Great Poland with 328 students attending it. We are one of the biggest schools in the Przygodzice Commune The school is… Read more

The University of Patras was founded in the city of Patras in 1964 and it began functioning in the academic year 1966-67. The University has two campuses, one in Patras and one in Agrinion. The campus at Patras is located 12 km East of the city of Patras… Read more

We are an open-minded and modern general education secondary level school where the engagement and curiosity are the main impulsive forces within the exposed learning process integrated through the cooperation between teachers and students… Read more

Developing and spreading new ideas and technologies is our passion. Youth in Science and Business Foundation (YSBF) is a non-profit organization aimed at supporting innovative ideas and creativity. We disseminate information on advancements… Read more