The Liceo Scientifico “F. Redi” was one of the first high schools in Italy to be established. The guidelines and the institutional mission of Redi Liceo can be found in the idea of school:

1. Must be a training and guidance tool for the acquisition of “true culture”;2. Should support the promotion of the individual in a cultural, moral and civic sense;3. Should help young people to find their method of study;

4. Must help students to understand current challenges and place them in a position where they are able to give their effective contribution to solve issues in a future in which they will operate;

5. Must direct students to the ideals of honesty, justice, peacefulness and coexistence between people.

All this is part of the institutional mission and to this mission Redi has always committed by promoting innovation activities, experiences abroad, laboratories and similar activities.
The school offers this study branches: Scientific, Applied Scientific Sciences, Language, Sports.
The priorities to which the Institute has committed are the following:

1. Decrease the shifts to other schools in the first two years;

2. Reduction of the variability between classes;

3. Improvement of the results with regard to languages.

The goals that the Institute has been assigned in relation to the priorities are:

1. Improvement of recovery initiatives;

2. Strengthening the presence of tutor students;

3. Realization of a syllabus for the various disciplines;

4. Development of technological and communication systems for the internal organization.

The reasons for the choice made are as follows: it is crucial to focus on students’ responsibilities, particularly in terms of development of autonomy and skills.