We are a complex of primary and Gymnasium schools (Junior High School), situated in Poland, specifically the Southwest of Great Poland with 328 students attending it. We are one of the biggest schools in the Przygodzice Commune The school is in the center of the country’s cultural life and it is highly involved in varied and deeply rooted activities in the community of the country people. We provide our students with a broad educational offer.They can develop their interests and increase knowledge in many fields as well as finding assistance in overcoming their problems. Our school provides very successful folk and aerobic group activities. Group “Kosynierzy” for almost 10 years has been our glorious group with its wonderful tradition. This group represents and shows unique Polish culture and language. It is also a symbol of our Common. During that time, the group won a lot of prizes and distinctions. Every year this group participates in a variety of ceremonies. Group sings also Polish traditional songs. From the beginning, the group was very popular in our region and also in many local towns and cities.