Developing and spreading new ideas and technologies is our passion. Youth in Science and Business Foundation (YSBF) is a non-profit organization aimed at supporting innovative ideas and creativity. We disseminate information on advancements of science and technology and conduct research activities related to IT and innovation. YSBF has been dealing with several projects on how to promote knowledge of young people and on issues related to promotion of creativity and innovative thinking to encourage science subjects as a career choice among young people. We hope to be helpful in providing more opportunities to young people in the field of STEM subjects.

Since establishment of YSBF in 2001, we have received funding for our projects from EU-funds, private sector companies, Estonian government and international organizations. We are based in Tallinn, Estonia, but our projects are mostly international. We have more than 10 years of experience in projects related to young people, science, technology and dissemination of new ideas.